Llondel Leonbergers

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A selection of pictures of our dogs and puppy litters

[Faraday asleep] [Puppies posing for a last group photo. Front is Elliot, Elsa and Hagrid, with Faraday behind.] [Tesla demonstrating [Tesla at the beach] [Leonbergers tend to enjoy water. And mud.] [No caption] [No caption] [No caption] [Puppies getting experience of outdoors.] [Puppies a few hours old, feeding. Lots of growing to do.] [Puppies at a week old.] [Growing up.] [Sleeping puppy at four days old.] [Faraday and Tesla, not long after the other three puppies departed to their new homes.] [Faraday at a day old.] [Elliot at three weeks.] [Faraday and Tesla crunching carrots together. Faraday is about four and a half months old here.] [Working on a bone] [No caption] [Just chilling out with a foot in the water bowl and face in the food bowl.] [Faraday outdoors at ten weeks.] [Faraday with her sister Elsa waiting for their first competition. They're five months old.] [Faraday at 14 weeks with Tesla.] [Faraday and Elsa competing in the show ring] [Tesla having a swim to cool off.] [What happens when the temperature goes way up - the dogs melt.] [Faraday in pensive mood.] [Elsa and Faraday at a dog show. They're almost seven months old here.] [Faraday posing for her portrait. She's just over nine months old here.] [Faraday and Elsa in the show ring again. This is at Woofstock, hence the presence of all the tie-dye. they are about seven and a half months old here.] [A good shake at the beach. Faraday's first time at the beach and also her first time off-leash in public.] [Way too hot!] [Faraday and Tesla] [Faraday at the beach with other Leonbergers while a St Bernard looks on.] [At the dog park playing with a ridgeback puppy. She's about six and a half months old here.] [Tesla making sand angels.] [Faraday and Elsa at the dog show. They're about nine and a half months old here.] [Faraday posing for a picture, demonstrating that she can stand and stay. She's just over nine months old here.] [Tesla posing] [Kepler and Faraday shredding some date bark.] [Kepler] [Kepler watching (or rather ignoring) fireworks] [Faraday winning her first major at Woofstock 2018.] [Tesla with her three girl puppies at Carmel. L-R is Kepler, Elsa, Tesla and Faraday.] [Kepler, Faraday and Tesla] [Faraday exploring the diving board. She didn't jump.] [Kepler winning her first major] [Kepler in the graveyard of things she shreds. She's 10 months old here.] [Three sleeping dogs] [Kepler in the pool at her first birthday party] [Kepler(L) with her brother Ajax.] [Faraday winning at Stockton and becoming an AKC champion.] [Kepler got Best of Opposite Sex at Dixon to become a champion] [Cassini Best Puppy at Nationals] [Cassini in the ring at Nationals] [Cassini with Cosmo, his lunch supervisor] [Faraday with her first-ever OH Group 2 placement] [Faraday at Westminster 2023] [Faraday at Westminster 2023] [Kepler at Westminster 2021] [Kepler at Westminster 2021] [Faraday at the AKC FastCAT Invitationals] [Kepler at the AKC Nationals] [Faraday at the AKC FastCAT Invitationals]

Here is a collection of pictures of our dogs, whether they're the ones who live with us permanently or are only with us for a brief few weeks before heading off to their families. Newborn Leonbergers are about a pound in weight. At nine months they're over 80lb, which is a lot of growing in a short space of time.