Llondel Leonbergers

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Leonbergers in action.

[Tesla demonstrating [Tesla at the beach] [Leonbergers tend to enjoy water. And mud.] [No caption] [Tesla posing] [Kepler and Faraday shredding some date bark.] [Kepler] [Kepler watching (or rather ignoring) fireworks] [Faraday winning her first major at Woofstock 2018.] [Tesla with her three girl puppies at Carmel. L-R is Kepler, Elsa, Tesla and Faraday.] [Kepler, Faraday and Tesla] [Faraday exploring the diving board. She didn't jump.] [Three sleeping dogs] [Kepler(L) with her brother Ajax.]

We are a hobby kennel showing dogs and breeding the occasional litter.
We now have three dogs:
  • Tesla, Wolfen Next Top Model, our foundation bitch
  • Faraday, CH Llondel Angel of the North, a bitch from Tesla's first litter
  • Kepler, Llondel Badly Drawn Lion, a bitch from Tesla's second litter

Faraday is now an AKC champion, having completed the requirements at the Stockton show on 1st December 2018.

We do not expect another litter until 2019, assuming Faraday passes all her health tests.